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ZOOM Tribute to Aretha Franklin with Kim Trusty – Thursday, March 25 at 1 pm

Aretha Franklin was born on March 25th 1942. So continue from where we left off from the last lecture and move from her roots as a gospel singer to her becoming one of the most versatile female musicians throughout history. To celebrate Women’s History Month. I  will also discuss the many women, like Mahalia and Sister Rosetta who influenced Aretha along the way in her career. Happy Birthday Aretha!

ZOOM Latin Percussion with Charles Kalajian – 4 Week Series – Thursdays at 1 pm – April 15, 22, 29, May 6

This series of Latin drumming presented online to members at Hamilton House in April and the beginning of May will be taught by Charles Kalajian. Participants will be able to demonstrate and improve competence in their percussive ability as it relates to the Latin drumming rhythms of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Columbia. Not only will class members develop strategies to identify and increase their accuracy in the following grooves: Bossa nova, Samba, baião, tango, Cha cha, Salsa, Bolero, Son, Mambo, and Songo but also, participating in musical training enhances verbal memory, spatial reasoning, and literacy skills. 

This class will prepare participants to interact with the Latin online groove mixer to record, evaluate, and improve performance. (an example of the groove mixer: Techniques taught and methods used will foster self-reliance, independence, and confidence in participants’ Latin percussion performance ability. Participants will use household items while in class and for practicing when not in class. 

Percussionist and educator Charles Z. Kalajian (b. 1988) uses his wide-ranging talents to adapt comfortably to a variety of environments. As a performing artist, he has performed and given master classes and clinics throughout the Southern New England area. As an educator Charles is currently teaching Percussion at the Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School and is on the music faculty of Rhode Island College, Community College of Rhode Island, and Bishop Hendricken High School. Charles teaches with passion and compassion and carries that into his teaching. Charles’ students see how enthusiastic he is about what he does, and it fuels their eagerness to learn. “The power to help my students make the world a better place through music is my calling and inspiration.” With that knowledge comes the urge to use his skills as a music teacher, to improve the lives of his students; it is not just an ability that he has, but a responsibility that he feels he must live up to.

ZOOM Music Lecture with Lacie Eades – Eight Week Series – Thursdays at 1 pm – May 13, 20, 27, June 3, 10, 17, 24, July 1

Classical and Romantic Eras of Music 
Building on the new genres and techniques of the Baroque era, composers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries found new ways to explore the creative possibilities of music. Classical composers of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries echoed the contemporary ideals of the Enlightenment and explored ways to bring music to the emerging middle class while Romantic composers later in the nineteenth century embraced ways in which to make music novel, highly expressive, and nationalistic. 
This eight-week course will cover both the Classical and Romantic eras of music history, roughly the years between 1750 and 1900. Through musical examples and discussion, this course will contextualize specific composers and musical works within the historical backdrop of each era, revealing ways in which music intersected with the political and social climate of the times.
Lacie Eades will be starting her Ph.D. in musicology at Duke University in the fall of 2021. She will complete her Master of Music in musicology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory in May 2021 with a research interest in seventeenth-century Venetian music. Lacie also holds a Bachelor of Music Education with an emphasis in piano and voice from Southeast Missouri State University and a Master of Education in Teaching and Technology from William Woods University. Prior to pursuing graduate studies in musicology, Lacie taught choir and general music at Jackson High School in Jackson, Missouri, a position she held for eight years. She also works as assistant editor for the Friends of Chamber Music annual program book and coordinates educational programming and supplemental curriculum for the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra Classical Adventures outreach program. In her free time, Lacie likes to play tennis with her husband and two teenage sons, read, and try new recipes.