ZOOM Philosophy Discussion Group with Ian Stellar – Fridays at 1 pm – February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 9, 16, 23, 30

It has been said by some that thinking is the most important form of doing. In this discussion group, we will think – a lot. The guiding principle of our enterprise will be philia sophia, which from Greek can be taken to mean “the love of wisdom”. This curious attitude is fundamental to the nature of philosophical examination.

Philosophy is not like other disciplines. It is not a subject whose issues are sufficiently put to rest with some programmatic catalogue of “yeses” and “nos”. Instead, philosophy is an activity. It is elicited and practiced more than it is taught and learned. It is, in its most honest manifestation, a way of living. Aristotle would say that philosophy is a distinct kind of “science”, concerning itself with independent things, the study of “being as being”. The questions raised during this process are ostensibly simple; complication arises as we attempt to answer them.  The occasional murkiness conjured by this endeavor does not, however, prevent it from being edifying. And so, our goal will be to harness and fine-tune the philosophical disposition that exists within all of us. Our focus will involve two things: The work of past thinkers, and the open articulation of our own interpretations of the questions at hand. 

Class limit: 10  Please email Hamilton House to register.

ZOOM The Italian Villa: Rome Revived with John Tschirch – Four week series – Mondays March 1, 8, 15, 22 at 11 am

Inspired by the rediscovery of ancient Roman villas, the merchant princes and popes of the Italian Renaissance embarked on the creation of fantastic and whimsical country houses. Architectural invention and landscape innovations resulted in an extraordinary artistic accomplishment known as the “villa.” 

John Tschirch is an award-winning architectural historian and an Honorary Member of the Garden Club of America for his achievements in the research and preservation of historic buildings and landscapes. His work has been featured in the Magazine Antiques, The New York Times and Martha Stewart Living. Among his publications are Newport: The Artful City (Giles, Ltd. 2020) and the forthcoming America’s Eden: Newport Landscapes Through the Ages (Giles, Ltd, 2021). He is also the author of historical fiction, such as Gods and Girls: Tales of Art, Seduction and Obsession (Amazon, 2019). His work and writings may be viewed at www.johnstories.com

ZOOM Beginning Birding with the Audubon Society –Wednesday, March 3 at 1 pm
Curious about the birds in your backyard? Want to start birdwatching? This virtual presentation by Audubon will introduce you to local birds through beautiful photographs. It also includes tips for finding birds and using field guides. Participant questions are encouraged and welcome!

Lauren Parmelee is the Senior Director of Education for the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.  Lauren is a passionate birder and long-time environmental educator.

ZOOM Life in Your Watershed with Save the Bay – Tuesday, March 16 at 1 pm

Everything that humans do on land has an impact on waterways:good and bad! 
In this lesson, a watershed is shrunk down to a model size to demonstrate the negative effects of pollution on Narragansett Bay.

Lead Presenter – Jennifer Kelly – My name is Jen Kelly, Public Program Manager at Save The Bay. I’ve had a love for the ocean since I was a child and went on to college at Roger Williams University to study marine biology. I volunteered at Save The Bay’s aquarium during college and soon after gained employment. I’ve been with Save The Bay for 11 years now. 
My husband and I live in Massachusetts with our two young children and our dog, Brady. We enjoy being outdoors and exploring and one of our favorite vacation spots is Block Island!

ZOOM Birds of Prey with the Audubon Society – Wednesday, April 7 at 1 pm

Birds of prey are awe inspiring wild creatures.  Discover the unique characteristics and adaptations of owls, hawks, falcons and eagles through this engaging virtual program.  The important role raptors play in ecosystems, the challenges they face and how humans can help support their survival will be included. Two of Audubon’s avian ambassadors, an owl and a hawk, will be the highlight of the program.

Tracey Hall is the Education Coordinator & Camp Director for the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.  Tracey is an expert naturalist and educator who has worked at Audubon for twenty-four years. 

ZOOM Virtual Tour of the Exploration Centre & Aquarium – Thursday, April 8 at 1 pm

A one hour, private tour of our Exploration Center and Aquarium with a unique opportunity to virtually meet a multitude of live animals.  Ask our aquarium biologist all those questions that you never get a chance to, or just experience all our exhibits safely from home.  

Lead Presenter – Jeff Swanlund – Jeff is one of our lead educators that has been teaching environmental education since 2014 and joined Save The Bay’s education team in 2018. He has worked with students of all ages, including middle school youth, leading hands-on activities that explore STEM focused curriculum. Jeff has spent countless hours teaching middle school student’s hands-on ecosystem based programs throughout the school year in the classroom, afterschool programs, and summer camps. Jeff has worked specifically within central falls working with local youths to provide critical support to individuals below grade level comprehension. Jeff has led english development classes for first grade and kindergarten students, coordinated and taught afterschool programs for elementary students, and led extracurricular activities for middle school students including recreational sports and robotics club. Jeff has participated in STEM training workshops as well as communication and behavior management skills trainings and is also certified in First Aid/CPR/AED and Lifeguarding.

ZOOM Container Gardening with Vivian Shaull – Monday, April 19 at 1 pm

No room to put in a garden?  Gardening in containers is for you!  In this talk we will learn what containers to use, what container plants need, how to blend your own soilless mix, watering and fertilizer needs and how to grow lush vegetables right in your own small space.

Vivian Shaull is a lifelong gardener starting very young with her father.  She has been a Master Gardener since 2014 and has logged over 800 volunteer hours.  She has worked in community gardens, done soil testing and kiosk events and works on the Hotline. She is currently the Educational Service Co-coordinator for the Master Gardener Program in charge of the Hotline and Soil Testing for the state.