ZOOM Philosophy Discussion Group with Ian Steller – Fridays at 1 pm 

It has been said by some that thinking is the most important form of doing. In this discussion group, we will think – a lot. The guiding principle of our enterprise will be philia sophia, which from Greek can be taken to mean “the love of wisdom”. This curious attitude is fundamental to the nature of philosophical examination.

Philosophy is not like other disciplines. It is not a subject whose issues are sufficiently put to rest with some programmatic catalogue of “yeses” and “nos”. Instead, philosophy is an activity. It is elicited and practiced more than it is taught and learned. It is, in its most honest manifestation, a way of living. Aristotle would say that philosophy is a distinct kind of “science”, concerning itself with independent things, the study of “being as being”. The questions raised during this process are ostensibly simple; complication arises as we attempt to answer them.  The occasional murkiness conjured by this endeavor does not, however, prevent it from being edifying. And so, our goal will be to harness and fine-tune the philosophical disposition that exists within all of us. Our focus will involve two things: The work of past thinkers, and the open articulation of our own interpretations of the questions at hand. 

Class limit: 10  Please email Hamilton House to register.

ZOOM Container Gardening with Vivian Shaull – Monday, April 19 at 1 pm

No room to put in a garden?  Gardening in containers is for you!  In this talk we will learn what containers to use, what container plants need, how to blend your own soilless mix, watering and fertilizer needs and how to grow lush vegetables right in your own small space.

Vivian Shaull is a lifelong gardener starting very young with her father.  She has been a Master Gardener since 2014 and has logged over 800 volunteer hours.  She has worked in community gardens, done soil testing and kiosk events and works on the Hotline. She is currently the Educational Service Co-coordinator for the Master Gardener Program in charge of the Hotline and Soil Testing for the state.

ZOOM Car Doctor with John Paul from AAA – Wednesday, May 5 at 1 pm

John Paul,  the AAA “Car Doctor,” is a certified mechanic who will review basic car maintenance, answer questions or discuss options for those in the market for a new car.

ZOOM Burbage Theatre Presents with Jessica Winward – Wednesday, June 9 at 1 pm

Managing a Play from Start to Finish

More details to come.

ZOOM Book Reading and Discussion Dr. Michael Fine – Monday, June 21 at 1 pm 

Fiction at the Barricades: Stories to Defend Democracy is a lecture discussion about how the imagination sustains American Democracy. When we imagine the inner lives of other citizens and residents, we develop the relationships we need to function as one people, indivisible after all. The talk will be accompanied by a reading from The Bull and Other Stories by Michael Fine.

Michael Fine is a writer, community organizer, family physician, public health official and author of Health Care Revolt: How to Organize, Build a Health Care System, and Resuscitate Democracy – All at the Same Time and Abundance, a romantic thriller set in Rhode Island and in Liberia in the aftermath of the Liberian Civil Wars of 1989-2020. His new book The Bull and Other Stories is out now.

ZOOM Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council with Sara Canuel and Naya Black – Wednesday, June 23 at 1 pm

Understanding Watersheds with WRWC: The Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council (WRWC) is an environmental non-profit working to create positive environmental, social and economic change by revitalizing the Woonasquatucket River, its Greenway and its communities. In this presentation, we will be discussing the history of the Woonasquatucket, past and present pollution impacting the river, and ways we can protect and care for the river for the future.

Sara Canuel is WRWC’s Education Director,  has worked with the organization for four years coordinating and facilitating all K-12 Education Programs as part of in-school and afterschool programs, and adult resiliency programs. She also runs our Urban Fish Community Monitoring Project. She graduated from Eckerd College in January 2017 with a BA in Environmental Science and Sociology, and her favorite tree is a Black Cherry (Prunus serotina).

Naya Black is serving with WRWC through Americorps, and is the Youth Engagement Coordinator. She has been serving with the organization for eight months, and loves all things related to herpetology!