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ZOOM Movie Discussion Series – Mondays at Noon, January 4, 11, 25 

Class description to come. Before each class meeting there will be an assigned viewing, a movie for you to look at on your own (via streaming* or home DVD player) in preparation for the week’s group discussion. 

Led by Jerry DeSchepper.

* Each movie is available to rent at $2.99-$3.99, from Prime Video, Apple TV and/or YouTube. 

Class Limit: 17     To request an invitation to join this class please email: hamiltonhouse276@gmail.com

ZOOM “Pokanokets and Pilgrims: Compromise and Conflict in the 17th century” with Dave Weed – Wednesday, February 10 at 1 pm

Dr. David Weed is the Coordinator of the Sowams Heritage Area Project that is working to illuminate the 17th century history of Rhode Island. A psychologist by training, Dr. Weed began investigating the reburial behind his house in Warren three years ago of the Pokanoket Massasoit Ousamequin, who met the Plymouth Pilgrims in 1621. That led to the discovery of over fifty locations from the 1600s in East Bay Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts that are described on his website, SowamsHeritageArea.org, and the history of the Pokanoket people who live among us today.