Hamilton House During COVID 19

Hamilton House is closed due to the COVID 19 crisis. We will reopen when we can assure our members and guests a healthy and safe environment. During this time, you may not be able to visit our building. Still, you can experience stimulating and enriching classes, lectures and small virtual social events that we are planning monthly through Zoom online for members and guests. We intend to remain connected with Rhode Island’s senior population. Every week, please read our HH Connection bulletin to keep in touch with our efforts in moving forward. In our bulletin, members share what they are doing to get through these times, letting us know interesting websites to discover and sharing their work in literature, writing and art. Join us as we all stay connected. It’s easy to connect with us. Email to: hamiltonhouse276@gmail.com

The staff and volunteers are working daily to develop and schedule new and thought-provoking Zoom classes and they are reaching out to our membership through phone calls and emails. Procedures are being established with the Board of Directors for a safety plan for our building and its reopening.

The reality that is Hamilton House will, like all important human endeavors, escape definition. We can discuss, tell stories, paint pictures, share our enthusiasm, and do these things in ways that point to what we want to express. It is finally, I believe, a rare combination of place, people, and program, held together by a spirit that helps us all move toward human fulfillment.”

Written in 1980 by Dr. Raymond Gibson, dreamer and founder of Hamilton House

Hamilton House is a 501 c-3 non-profit organization for independent and active persons 60+. Please consider making a donation.We appreciate your generosity and support!

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