Hamilton House offers a wide variety of stimulating, enriching classes, lectures and programs. Many of our classes are given by volunteer teachers and supported by grant funding.  Here is a brief overview of our offerings.


Have you dreamt of writing the great American novel? Perhaps your biography to leave your family. We offer workshops to guide in the creation of your legacy. Discussion groups The Humanities.


Great Decisions: Eight Pertinent Global Issues
Lectures on Amercian/ Ancient History
Contemporary Issues in Politics and Events
Great Courses


One of the first classes established at Hamilton House. English,American, Modern and Classic poetry are part of an enthusiastic discussion among members.


Hamilton House Lectures.


Traveling to another country? Brushing up on your language skills? Currently we offer German and Spanish. We are also pursuing other classes in French and Italian


The terms: Texting, IM, JPEG, Upload, Browser are terms that we hear every day but so often don’t know how to integrate into our daily lives. Learn how to make the most of your computer and handheld device. Schedule a private session with one of our Brown University students and learn at your own pace.


-History and Culture of Music Lectures
-Opera Appreciation
-Multi-cultural music series
-“Hamiltones” chorus group    – The Chateaus


Wine tasting, Film & Feast, Pub Night, Potluck Suppers, Lunch n’Learn , Food for Thought, Special themed concerts and Holiday Events.


Yoga, TaiChi, Meditation, Strength building exercise, Walking Group, Classes focusing of Issues of Aging, Support Groups


Hamilton House is supported by volunteers – whether being a receptionist, a teacher or serving on a committee. It is a great way to meet others. We appreciate your time and skills.
Office Assistance, Social events, Teaching, Committees, or Participating in Intergenerational classes in local elementary, high school and colleges. Mentoring students with tutoring.


Art Appreciation lectures
Demonstrations by RI Local Artists / Conversation with the Artist / Hamilton House Gallery

Hands–on Workshops, such as Kite building, origami, paper making, floral design,
Water-Soluable Acrylics, Water color, Pastel, Photography, Museum Trips. 


Our Travel committee organizes day trips, over night and international excursions. Many of our trips include cultural and educational themes.


We hold events for fundraising and friendship such as the 70th Anniversary of the Ending of WWII, themed concerts, The Sixties, Sock hop, Oktoberfest and Holiday Buffets.

Intergenerational Opportunities

Hamilton House is a community outreach to students in elementary, high school and universities. Experience classes, workshops and mentoring. We offer internship teaching positions.

Longevity Explorers

The Providence Longevity Explorers is a collaborative program of Hamilton
House and the Providence Village. Launched in March 2018, the group meets
monthly to explore issues related to the unmet needs of aging adults. Find more information about the
Providence circle and the Longevity Explorers programs at